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eco-friendly  TOYS, TEETHERS, BLANKETS, NURSING NECKLACES. always, following whats new and trending in baby world :] 

NEW LISTINGS ON ETSY :    Baby Nursing Necklace

Chainone now offering DIY kits for mothers nursing necklaces (OR THE FINISHED PRODUCT) like the one shown on left. In your kit you will receive all the materials needed to make the necklaces as shown in the photos on my Etsy site. What better gift for  mom to be than a gift made from the heart.
Find this here on ETSY:


"Easy Grip" Teether Rattle

                I came up with this neat idea one morning over coffee                  



The 2 wooden teething rings fit over handle for added eye hand stimulation and the rubber grippers will feel awesome on baby irritated gums. Its made in 100% pure cotton yarn so none of those annoying artificial synthetic fibers and acrylic yarns to get stuck in babys throat. 


No Sew Beanies (from your childs pants that no longer fit)

Instead of tossing or donating those adorable pants that your baby just cant wear anymore, why not make them into something else?!

                             Here's my "No Sew Beanie Tute"....

VOILA!  your finished beanie

Christening, Stroller Blanket or Car Seat Blanket? Which one so many decisions!

Here's a gorgeous white christening/stroller/car seat blanket, SAFARI THEMED and personalized of course....made with white PipSqeak Yarn by Bernat...

I swear this thing is light as a cloud and the most luxuriously soft thing i have EVER touched. ever.

I trimmed out the edges in 100% cotton and cross stitched the corners in a different safari animal-hippo~elepant~giraffe OH MY!....

One corner i embroidered an initial.  After baby is swaddled in gauze, he'll cover up with this lightweight blankie and off to dreamland he'll go. 

Sweet Dreams Little One.
Custom orders available
Click HERE to see this on Etsy!

Stroller Toys for Good Little Boys

I'll be making more of these later on this week. For now I just have the friendly and functional at the same time. Thinking of good color combos for next one.Hmmm....
What I like about this TOY is there are 2 wood beads for teething and they both spin. I like the colors and i LOVE the size. I just really love this spinning, colorful toy and I'm sure baby will too. See more of this at my Etsy store.

Mommy Tips...ideas to make your life easier


1. STAIN Pre-Treater:  Submerge a stain in whole milk, then launder as usual-VOILA!   
2. Cover minor burns with a washcloth soaked in whole milk. 
3. PLANT Rescuer: Mix 1 part milk and 9 parts water, spray on plants, your plants will be fungus free.

2. Keep this pretty  nightlight on or near babys changing table. Midnight diaper changes will be a breeze and no more bright lights so baby will stay sleepy. 

"Baby" Pillow nursery decor makes a perfect shower gift

Check out my latest project: Baby Pillow.

not sure if i like this back side better, or the front!

click HERE to see this on 

This pocket pillow would make such a awesome shower gift. It's completely handsewn and upcycled from a regular store bought pillow sham. I hand cut and hand stitched the "baby" lettering in brown suede. I made a rosette for the back and sewed on three buttons. Its got a great nubby texture too. Measures 18" by 10"

FOX F~R~E~E Plushie Tutorial SO Cute and trendy right now....

I don't know about you but i'm loving these. Foxes (is that how you say it?) are super trendy for nurseries at the moment so....

CLick HERE to get this tute!  
Another FREEBIE brought to you by "A Beautiful Mess" - a Blog by Elsie ~n~ Emma  !!!!


Babble has this amazing area where they have FREE instructions for making darling baby toys. Some are super duper easy and require little to no sewing. A few require none. Heres the link....12 DIY Baby Toys
check it out!

Baby Baseball for World Series Week!

To honor the Sox and the Cardinals, I've made a real cute baby toy - it a rattle and a ball all in one....

                                      Click HERE to see this on!

                                                     RATTLE BALL

Me think this would make a awesome mom-to-be shower gift, especially if she's expecting a boy. 
NOW.... something for World Series Dad below...

father lager beer bottle cozies

In honor of Dads on couches everywhere I'm posting a FREE pattern that I hope you will enjoy making for your special dad or significant other! here for pattern.  
Thank you Lindsay Jewell from

I also thought this would be a great way to keep bottled baby milk
Since were talking about cozies, I am a HUGE cozy fan. I love to be cozy. I love to make cozies while I'm cozily cozied up to something cozy. Basically I just really like to cover stuff up. Heres how i covered up a ugly old wine bottle! My design, my creation. I love it.

crochet free sunday - have you ever made a hammock?

Some days, i just dont feel like crocheting. Today was one of those days. This is what i did instead-all day. Hung out on my hammock. <thats it over there. Oh & read a basket full of  magazines, while lying IN my hammock. YAY for Sundays :) Later, tonight i have to work on a new custom order! Headbands again! While i was flipping thru magazines, i came across this really cool Facebook design app, FREE. One is called The other is Will be sharing more on that later, once i figure it out...looks like a doooozie...

Has anyone ever crocheted a hammock? I'm totally thinking of making one. I'm wondering how much work it really is...let me know if you have!

10 years ago I was doing this....

designing, sewing and selling fleece kids clothing !

 I call this my "Fleece Period".  I was completely obsessed. I still have all my original patterns today. Fleece is such an easy fabric to work with. Maybe I will get some of my fleece out this winter n make a another crochet slash fleece creation, and call it Fleechet. "flea-shay" :)  I actually DID crochet that reversible orange hat that matches the blue & green jumper frock; 3rd row. Thats right, now I remember...and yes, if I recall I crocheted the bottom edge too. My personal fav is the green/yellow hoodie. Dinosaur zipper pull n all! 3rd pic down! Crazy days...
re-purposed polartec fleece jacket made into a jumper

Fleece Frock w/ reversible orange crochet hat
fleece hoodie


granite coasters

Ho Hum, OFF topic once again...
Who ever heard of crochet granite? YOU just did. Have you ever seen crochet granite? YOU just did that too! With wedding season just around the next corner, I wanted to make something really unique and I think I accomplished that with these pretty coasters. I made a set of 6 resin coasters, handcast; poured into small butter dishes on top of handmade (by me of course) crochet doilies.  I let them sit and harden for several hours - then shook them out of the butter dish mold. By first coating the molds, they were able to slide out oh so easy. Voila!

my set of granite coasters all bundled up for gift giving!

Eye've really lost it

I have no idea what got into me today. Are you kidding me with this? Instead of sitting my keister down to work on a black shawl I started weeks ago, this is what I did instead.

get your WINE - ing on

I know I mentioned this up top a little ways and it has absolutely nothing to do with babies, but I just love this so much i wanted to post it again. Since June starts tomorrow, and that means wedding season is upon us again, I wanted to post this... I have no clue where I came up with this idea.  It could have been one of the books I checked out of the library. I actually come up with alot of inspiration from my local library.  Anyways, I designed/made this and I'm darn happy with how it turned out. WEDDING GIFT ALERT!! If you like it, let me know, i have it stashed away somewhere.

it really IS possible to stiffen yarn

One of my favorite projects. I decided I wanted to make my own little wicker basket. I had a ton of jute twine lying around, and matching oatmeal colored yarn; begging to be made into something PLUS I needed a little catch all on my sewing table. This was a gooey, sticky mess but with an xtra dose of patience and loads of EnviroTex Lite later, this is what emerged...

my little thread basket, perfect!
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