About Me

Hi !

I'm Lynnmarie. I love to design, create, sew, crochet and re-purpose. I've been repurposing clothes forever - long before anyone had ever heard of it! (see the grid of clothes on the main page post of all the kids clothes I have put together from other clothes) I love to pull stuff apart (anything:) and make other neat stuff. Chainone Baby is the brainchild of Chainone Crochet, our original company.

I left this blog 2 years ago when my parents died and I got a divorce and a new dog. I'm back now with a new look and a new brand. And the BEST news is in April 2014 I'm looking forward to my first grandchild!! 

So when i heard the news, i picked up my hooks and needles and began to create again. Now that I'm creating for baby world its more fun than ever. My think tank is overflowing!

Forget cooking or anything having to do with a kitchen. I love to create, design and work with my hands. Its a way to de-stress after a long day. Mom taught me how to sew as well as to crochet... So my work is really a tribute in her honor. 

Here's the happy first time parents to be (my daughter) who has inspired this new company! Shes due April 9th 2014!

  Here is an excerpt from www. Love Hate Reviews dot com: 

    "Chainone Crochet is a little shop we discovered on Etsy a few month ago. I was delighted to meet the shops amazing owner, Lynn Rosa, and thrilled when she agreed to make me my very own pair of crochet chenille ballerina slippers to review. We thought she would be perfect for our new feature, Love Handmade, and so we decided to kick things off by sharing her lovely work with you!

Lynn Rosa has been crocheting for over 40 years and sewing since the age of 13. Her mother taught her everything. Sadly, this coming June will be the one year anniversary of her death. In honor of her mother, she decided to start selling her crochet on Etsy, and it has evolved into so much more than she ever thought it would. She is inspired daily by the wonderful new people she has met, and is working hard to help encourage people to buy handmade. Because of the current state of the economy, she feels it is imperative that we stop our reliance on foreign imports.  In her words:  "Let’s get back to our roots; the quilting bees, the wooden looms, sewing circles, the little shop around the corner; the very fabric that once united America together in common values, comradarie and friendship."

Her shop offers a wonderfully unique variety of items, there you can find hats, and gloves- dolls and dog toys-  mutant crochet amigurumi starfish and headbands-and anything else you can think of.

She also says:

     "I love diversity, because I bore easily; so unlike most crochet stores and websites, my shop is filled with everything crochet; from apparel to jewelry, to baby and pet supplies, toys, play food, home decor and housewares too. I find this holds my interest longer and most days all I think about is what to design next ! I get very melancholy once a crochet project is over because I put so much thought and love into each piece. I think about crochet and design 24/7, while driving, doing dishes, the laundry, and everything in between. I think about my mother while I crochet and how much she shaped the woman I am now. Her unwavering persistence that everything I create be as perfect as possible. I find it extremely relaxing to loop beautiful yarns, over and over again, while morphing a plain piece of string into a work of art. My mom lives on in my work."

The Good: Completely Unique.

When you get a pair of ballerina slippers from Chainone, they are made just for you. You choose your material. ( I chose chenille) You choose your colors. You pick your buttons. You even measure your feet. These are not generic, off the rack, made-by-the-millions slippers. Each pair is special. Mine are black,  but one has a lighter brown strap because that’s the way that spool of chenille happened to come out. I love looking down at my lovely slippers and knowing that there is no other pair out there exactly like mine. And I love knowing that they were made with me in mind. There is a special feeling that comes with handmade things, in knowing the person behind the product. Knowing exactly where something came from. It’s a feeling you just don’t get when you grab something off of a shelf in a department store. In fact, everything in her shop is customizable and made to order.

Comfortable, Warm and Stylish.

If you are a slipper person, you will love these warm, adorable shoes. I love wearing them around the house on cold days when my tile is chilled, and the chenille is especially warm and soft. They are also stylish in a funky, unique way. Definitely not frumpy. You won’t have to try to awkwardly hide your feet from the UPS man when he comes to the door because you forgot you were wearing your husbands Darth Vader slippers when you ran downstairs and it’s really hard to stand while hiding both feet behind  your front door. Not that *I* have ever done that.

Handmade  In the USA

By a real, amazingly creative person. We can’t stress the awesomeness of that enough. Supporting small business and individuals supports our economy and makes you feel good. And showing you where to find products you will feel good about buying is what we are about here at LHR.

A Portion Chainone’s Sales are Donated to Etsy’s EFA and FARP.

EFA and FARP are two Etsy animal rescue groups: Etsy Artists for Animals and Etsy’s Fabulous Animal Rescue Project.

my felted rose crochet tote bag with embroidery (just sold on Etsy)
lynns hemp and czech glass bead napkin rings