Why Handmade?

I started blogging initially to heighten awareness of the growing need to "Buy Thoughtfully" by purchasing goods/services in the United States of America. To raise awareness of the global dangers surrounding the ever growing mass market/outsourcing mentality and to share my passion for unique, one of a kind handmade/handcrafted goods.  For me, its all about getting back to basics, self sufficiency and self sustainment. We dont need to go to another country to have great, long lasting, quality merchandise. 
Stop coorporate greed and take a look at what its doing to our economy, lifestyle, and futures.

Cheap Mass Market Imports=BAD  ~~  Made lovingly in the USA=YAY!

Another very disturbing component of relying on foreign imports is the inhumane treatment of animals. Personally for me, this alone is the single most reason I try as much as possible to only buy AMERICAN made goods.