10 years ago I was doing this....

designing, sewing and selling fleece kids clothing !

 I call this my "Fleece Period".  I was completely obsessed. I still have all my original patterns today. Fleece is such an easy fabric to work with. Maybe I will get some of my fleece out this winter n make a another crochet slash fleece creation, and call it Fleechet. "flea-shay" :)  I actually DID crochet that reversible orange hat that matches the blue & green jumper frock; 3rd row. Thats right, now I remember...and yes, if I recall I crocheted the bottom edge too. My personal fav is the green/yellow hoodie. Dinosaur zipper pull n all! 3rd pic down! Crazy days...
re-purposed polartec fleece jacket made into a jumper

Fleece Frock w/ reversible orange crochet hat
fleece hoodie


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