crochet free sunday - have you ever made a hammock?

Some days, i just dont feel like crocheting. Today was one of those days. This is what i did instead-all day. Hung out on my hammock. <thats it over there. Oh & read a basket full of  magazines, while lying IN my hammock. YAY for Sundays :) Later, tonight i have to work on a new custom order! Headbands again! While i was flipping thru magazines, i came across this really cool Facebook design app, FREE. One is called The other is Will be sharing more on that later, once i figure it out...looks like a doooozie...

Has anyone ever crocheted a hammock? I'm totally thinking of making one. I'm wondering how much work it really is...let me know if you have!


  1. Well, that sure is a big headband :-)

  2. Thanks for your honesty! your now entered in my free giveaway!

  3. Nope, sorry, I have never crocheted a hammock. It seems like a lot of work.

  4. hahaha i think so too. But how gratifying, after it's all done.....

  5. Hola Lynn, sería bellísima una hamaca tejida a crochet.
    Con un hilo bien fuerte.
    Gracias Lynn por tu visita, te sigo!!!

  6. I'm going to crochet a hammock. But I can't find anyone else who has.

    I hope it works.